Well hey there! My name is Hannah R Orcutt, Hanns for short, and I am a 23 year old lover of all things weird who is passionate about story telling. Never in my life did I think that I would grow up to be a Photographer. I grew up with a strong passion for the arts and always said that is what I wanted to be when I grew up, an artist. Art has always been a huge part of my life, but As I grew older, I picked up photography just as a hobby and would go around with my Grand Fathers old camera taking pictures of my friends and editing them with horrid cheap websites. I later grew out of that habit and began focusing directly on my illustration work. I have over the years turned my love for art into a passion that I hoped to one day be able to say is my career. 

My entire life I have been obsessed with photos. My external hard drive holds over 50,000 photos just from cellphones and iPods, and there are even more photos on my personal cellphone and my laptop itself. I have always feared growing old and forgetting those life long memories I would treasure in my thoughts. I told myself, maybe if I captured everything, I would have photos to look at to help me remember those incredible times I got to experience throughout my life. My stories. It wasn't until a couple years ago, this made me think to myself that maybe I can help document others stories too. I can capture those moments for them for them to treasure generation and generation. It was this thought which got me back into photography. 

Now here I am,  with hundreds of clients and files and files of their memories after officially setting up shop in July of 2016. Turning your everyday moments, into my wildest adventures. 

A little bit more about me...

Profession:  I am a local Kansas City photographer making my way into this crazy lifestyle but also just recently received my BFA in Illustration from the University of Central Missouri.

Hobbies: Besides Photography I enjoy Drawing, Painting, Watching an obscene amount of Horror Flicks, & most importantly EATING.

Favorite Food: I have a serious problem with pasta. I can eat pasta straight up plain if I needed to.

What I Love: Horror Movies, My Babe, & my Fur Child Ms. Ellers.

What I Always Have in my Bag: I have a problem with eating so I guarantee you I will always have a snack. If we are shooting and a Slim Jim happened to fall out of my pocket I would not be surprised.